Our Developments

Ultramaxx Cement, an ISO 9001:2008 company, always takes special care about production process to ensure the best quality for manufacturing of Portland Slag Cement for its deserving customer. To retain our first class rank in cement producing in east India we undertake several projects. Those are:

Installation of Top Class Plant

Our first and foremost project as well as object is to serve you with a top class product. So, Ultramaxx have installed very quality plant and Machineries for producing 100% Classified Cement. Its production process is at par with best of the cement plants in the country.

Scientific Demonstration of Raw Materials and Products

Ultramaxx is distinctly forward due to its raw materials. As we promise you for the longevity we do no compromise with the quality of raw material. Therefore we undertook the project so that each and every raw material is properly demonstrated before they are used for the production purpose.

Ultramaxx is very careful about the testing of manufactured goods in each and every level. Its product is tested in different level up to the final stages of production at quality control laboratories by chemists, scientists and engineers.

Top class Storage

Another project we have undertaken is to secure the storage of the cements. The growing rate of cement production in our part makes us feel the need of top class storage. That is why Ultramaxx got a high quality storage facility and cement is being kept dry and in well-aerated condition.

Automatic Electronic Packing

As our products are transported to each and every corner of India we need to pack it very safely to fight against the different weather condition and struggle on road. As a result Ultramaxx take special care about high qualitative packaging. The Packing procedure of product is done by fully automatic Electronic packing machine.

Fastest Service for Strongest Erection

For multistoried construction our clients need a huge supply of cement at once and they need to store it for further construction. Meanwhile those cements get damaged and wasted. To solve this complexity Ultramaxx provide fastest product delivery facility through dedicated and professional transporter. And you will get it when you want only.

Post Sales Services

Sometimes customers face difficulties with the extra cements after the construction. Ultramaxx will take it back after proper refund. Our Experts and support team is always ready to provide you services even post sales.

Ultramaxx Cement Projects-Portland Slag Cement

Ultramaxx Cement Projects-Portland Slag Cement